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Nor-Gwyn Baseball and Softball

Injury Reporting Procedure

Nor-Gwyn Baseball and Softball Injury Reporting Procedure


Purpose:  To have written documentation of any injuries sustained either at the Nor-Gwyn Sports Complex, (by players, coaches, or spectators), or while a Registered Nor-Gwyn Player or coach is representing the organization as a rostered member of a Nor-Gwyn Team.  This is required for insurance purposes and will keep the Board of Directors informed of any injuries.  It will also aid in the development of safety measures.


When to fill out an injury report:

  • If a player gets injured and there is bleeding.
  • If a player gets injured and is unable to play the remainder of the game.
  • If any spectator gets injured
  • If emergency personnel (i.e. EMS, ambulance) is called to the field


Who fills out the report?

  • The coach associated with the injured player or spectator

Note:  In the event that the coach did not see the injury he/she should seek out someone who did see the event to get the details.


Each coach should have an electronic copy of the Nor-Gwyn Baseball & Softball Injury Report Form.  When needed, fill out the form ASAP and save it with the injured person’s name in the document title (i.e. NG Injury Report – John Smith).  Scan it if you manually filled out the form.  Save a copy for yourself and send copies to [email protected] and Nor-Gwyn Safety Program Director, Kevin McKeever, at [email protected].