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Nor-Gwyn Baseball and Softball

Hawks Nest Updates

For 2021, Nor-Gwyn is adding an exciting addition to our complex.
The Hawks Nest is a 40’ x 70’ roofed, open sided, lighted pavilion that will have 4 Batting Tunnels, 1 Soft Toss/Tee work tunnel and a Pitcher’s practice area.

It will feature a turf floor, bird control netting, electrical outlets for pitching machines, batting mats and safety padding. This new training area will be made more special with the addition of lights to extend its use past dusk.

Our goal is to have the Hawks Nest ready by 2021 Opening Day. You can see an updated progress report in the slideshow below. Check back often!
As you can see from the Construction “To Do” slide, once March hits, the work will be fast and furious.  To meet our Opening Day completion goal, Volunteers will be greatly appreciated.  Please contact John Clayton, [email protected]

February 26th - Construction has started!
March 2nd - Begin pre-orders for Commemorative shirts.

This project does not happen without the sponsorship of our families and local organizations.  We have had many families donate specifically to the Hawks Nest.  These donations have enabled Nor-Gwyn to add lights and other enhancements, making this project even more special.