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Nor-Gwyn Baseball and Softball

Larry B. Meyers Memorial Coach of the Year



In 2004, Nor-Gwyn lost a long-time, dedicated member of its family, Larry B. Meyers. Larry devoted 25 years of his life to Nor-Gwyn touching the lives of thousands of children in our community as a coach, manager, board member, and officer. Larry served as president of the former Gwyn-Nor Youth Baseball organization and as both Field Director and Treasurer of Nor-Gwyn for many years. Larry was inducted into the Nor-Gwyn Hall of Fame in 2001. To memorialize Larry’s contributions to our community, and especially his 20+ years of successful coaching at all levels, the Nor-Gwyn Board of Directors instituted a Coach of the Year Award in his name beginning in 2005. Each year, the Nor-Gwyn board will select, from among nominations, a single coach across all Nor-Gwyn programs who best exemplifies the coaching philosophies of Larry Meyers and the Nor-Gwyn organization, whose dedication to the players and the program is unparalleled among their peers, and who puts the best interest of the players and the organization first.

Award Criteria:


  1. Regular season, active coaches of any Nor-Gwyn team

  2. Coaches in any Nor-Gwyn league or program are eligible, except Fall Baseball

  3. Both team managers and assistant coaches are eligible

  4. Coaching must be for the same year as the nomination

Nomination Process:

Any Nor-Gwyn coach, player, parent, or citizen of the community can nominate a candidate for Coach of the Year by submitting a letter that includes the following information:


   1. Full name of the candidate

  2. Program and League coached (e.g., Youth Baseball Minors, Softball Majors, Connie Mack C, etc.)

  3. Name of the team coached (e.g., sponsor name)

  4. Specific reasons why the candidate is being nominated (e.g., accomplishments and achievements)

  5. Specific examples of situations that demonstrate why the candidate should be consideration for the award

  6. Name, address, telephone number, and signature of the person submitting the nomination

  7. Current date

Completed letters must be either e-mailed or mailed by June 30.  Emails should be sent to [email protected], (please type "Coach of the Year" in the subject line).  Typed or neatly hand-written letters should be mailed to the following address by no later than June 30 of the year of nomination:

Nor-Gwyn Baseball & Softball

Larry B. Meyers Coach of the Year Award Committee

P.O. Box 1476

North Wales, PA 19454

Past Recipients:

Stephen Depman - Youth Baseball Minor League

Steve Cameron - Youth Baseball Minor League

Chuck Magee - Youth Baseball Major League


Brian Durkin - Youth Baseball Pony League


Kelly Houlihan - Softball Minor League


Rob Manus - Youth Baseball Minor League


Jim Rittenhouse - Co-Ed T-Ball League


John Clayton - Youth Baseball Major League

Dan Wszolek - Youth Baseball Minor League


Ryan Agriss - Youth Baseball Major League


Ed Hill - Youth Baseball Pony League


Jon Stahl - Youth Baseball Minors and Pony Leagues


Mike Cliver - Youth Baseball Major League


Tony Cabot - Youth Softball


Brielle Eve - Youth Softball


Kevin Bonner - Youth Baseball & Tournament Teams