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Bux-Mont Connie Mack Baseball



The Connie Mack program is for players between the ages of 13 - 16 years of age. We also offer Senior Connie Mack for players ages 17 to 29 as an alternative to adult softball.  The Connie Mack State Committee establishes geographical boundaries for each franchise based on the player’s home address. Nor-Gwyn competes in the Bux-Mont Connie Mack Division of the PA State Connie Mack Organization.  Our franchise boundaries include: Upper Gwynedd Township, and North Wales Borough.  Nor-Gwyn Connie Mack offers competition at various levels of play.  Placement on a team is based on performance during a series of try-outs.  Try-outs are scheduled in early April.  League play begins around Memorial Day and goes to the middle of August for those teams involved in the post season playoffs and the Connie Mack State Tournament.  Most games are played within Montgomery, Bucks and Lehigh Counties. The competition is very high for those players interested in advancing their baseball skills for high school play and preparing for American Legion Baseball.  There is also a league for the recreational player just looking to have fun.


Special Note - Non-Residents of Upper Gwynedd Township or North Wales Borough:

Under very specific circumstances, if you live outside of Upper Gwynedd Township or North Wales Borough, it may be possible for you to play in our program.  Connie Mack Policy is not to grant a release from geographical boundary constraints except in the specific instance that a player played his/her "Youth Baseball Career" in another Connie Mack territory.  To play outside of your geographic Connie Mack territory, a "release" must be requested and granted by the Bux-Mont Connie Mack organization within whose boundaries the player's home address exists.  This release request process must be initiated and completed by the player and his/her family.  Unfortunately, per Connie Mack Policy, Nor-Gwyn cannot have any involvement in any release request process.   

For more information on our Connie Mack program please contact Commissioner, Jon Baker, at (215) 583-3495 or  via email at [email protected]